Website launch? Again?

Through the years, my art brand has grown, evolved, and added on more mediums. So, many of you beautiful people who have been along on this journey with me for awhile, may remember my past websites and small beginnings. I cherish these memories and new seasons every time!

 Starting from selling a box of tees out of my College dorm in 2013 to now launching yet another website that includes tattooing and more mediums than ever before!
This time around I really wanted to create a website that featured all of the skills I've learned over the past 8-10 years and made them easier to navigate and book for my clients.
And you can still use my other website url ( as both domains will bring you to this site!

I hope this website can provide more clarity and ease for booking and purchasing. I know there have been a lot of website/shop changes, but I cannot say it will be the last, as I hope to ever-evolve and make my brand better each and every day. Thank you for your patience and much support over the years! It's truly special to me how many of y'all have been along on this journey with me <3

Here's to the best still being yet to come!!


P.s. please feel free to comment your thoughts on the new site under this blog's comments!

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  • Girl, you continue to inspire! Thankful for you and your calling ♥️

    Catherine Campbell

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